Greening the Lectionary

A Theological Response to the Ecological Crisis: Reflections, Reviews, Comment.

Year C Proper 21 (Luke 16.19-31):

Let’s look into the future, not so many generations from now. Global warming has accelerated and radically changed our world. The last vestiges of the polar ice caps have melted, large areas of land have flooded. The weather alternates between extreme flooding and drought. The first to be affected were the poor, who had to leave their homes and had nowhere to go, who suffered and died from thirst and hunger while the rich increased their air conditioning and pretended there was no problem. But then the time came when even their wealth could not protect them from the devastating effects of climate change. And they cried out to God, let one of us go back to our great grandparents and great great grandparents and warn them about the hell we are living in now and the dangers of doing nothing about climate change. ‘And God said: ‘They had their scientists. They had their warnings. They should have listened to them. But they did not want to believe them. Or they were not prepared to make the sacrifices needed. Or they were too selfish to do anything, thinking – this may be true but it will only affect the future- it won’t affect me.’ ‘But let us send some of our scientists to lay out the facts for them,’ the future generations said. ‘And let us send our children to plead for us – our children who will have no future.’ ‘If they do not listen to their own scientists and their own children,’ said God, ‘why would they listen if even someone were travel back in time from the future?’



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Small earthquakes might have hinted that things were going wrong.

The theatre shook but the Emperor refused to stop his song.

The changes in the atmosphere were no cause for lost sleep.

There were deaths upon the hillside, but who cared -  they were just sheep. 

Our warnings were merely whispers -the connections were not there.

We had no way to stop it, and no time to prepare.

We had no clue that we were doomed,

how close annihilation loomed.

Would we have left if we had known,

and saved our lives, if not our home,

or would we have ignored it all,

denying til the lavafall?